The Higher Education Academy RSS in Action Demo page.

As of Mar. 2002, twelve (50%) of Higher Education Academy Subject Centres are producing RSS news and/or events feeds, with a total of eighteen separate feeds in all.

Below are links to "RSS News and Events feeds" from various Subject Centres.
Each centre produces one or more RSS files on their server. Then a program here at the Engineering Subject Centre grabs the file, reads it, then displays it's contents below. This page could be anywhere in the world on any web machine and it would still work. The script or program used to interpret & display each RSS file was provided, for free, by UKOLN.

How to create an RSS feed.
If you have an ASP or PHP enabled web server and news or events held in a database, you can download basic ASP scripts here and PHP scripts in the The Higher Education Academy repository that with a bit of hacking will get you up and running, then drop me a line to get your new feed added here. If not, it's easy to produce RSS feeds by hand using free online tools Also, refer to the LTSN-Technical mailbase for how to create feeds manually or ask advice.

How to display someone else's RSS feed on your website.
There are loads of ways to grab then display someone's RSS file. The simplest way is to include the code below in your website events page where you want the news or events to appear. The web address after the second '=' sign is any of the feed addresses below. That's it.

<script src=""></script> 

Which Subject Centres are using other's RSS feeds on their websites?

LTSN Bioscience (using LTSN Psychology)    LTSN Engineering (using LTSN Materials)  
LTSN Materials: using the Engineering Subject Centre (see here) & LTSN Physical Sciences (see here))

Where are the The Higher Education Academy RSS feeds?

There are now so many RSS feeds I've had to split this page into two;
all Subject Centre News Feeds are here, all Subject Centre events Feeds are here.